As of now, we can understand that video marketing has helped every organization and brand increase their reach & businesses. This is why their reach is increasing at a high pace due to this marketing strategy. These videos get viral and it helps the brand or the organization to grow and their importance increases in the particular industry. What is even more interesting is that here at Vision Sutra we make sure that we are able to receive a decent number of views and furthermore, the digital video viewers. Moreover, thereby increasing the reach of the video. We understand the videos help to eventually increase awareness, engage with the audience & build trust thereafter. Whiteboard & explainer videos have always been in the market however they might have lost their spark because of the digitalized videos because of the development of technology. However here at Vision Sutra we still believe that the elements of illustrations are very attractive when they come on the whiteboard explainers and hence, we do make an effort to prepare the same for your organization.